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About Us

Spönle show training is very well known from all those involved in the Arabian horse business. 20 years rich of success and satisfactions. Countless champions all over the world made this training center famous worldwide. Frank had the pleasure to have in his hands some of the greatest horses of the breed. Some of them are milestones in the history of the Arabian horse. After more than 10 years spent in Kevelar, in 2008 Frank moved to a new state-of-the-art facility only a few kilometers away from the old farm.

The farm is located in Geldern, a small town that lies in the plains of the lower-northern Rhineland, west of the Rhine. A long driveway with high trees on both sides brings you straight in front of the stallion barn that can host up to 20 horses.

The remaining 60 boxes are dedicated to mares and fillies and youngsters. The barns have high ceiling and plenty of light. Every box has a door to a small outside paddock. The farm is provided with a big indoor arena and a high tech walker machine for 8 horses. The whole farm is surrounded with green fields and paddocks where the horses can graze outside and the young ones can enjoy each other's company.

A wonderful place to work, train and exercise the horses, as well as a perfect place to let them enjoy life in the pastures. Frank's clients can feel comfortable in having their horses away from home in such a well equipped farm in the care of the well trained staff at Frank Spönle show training. Many of Frank's accomplishments during the past few years had been possible also thank you to the wonderful team of people he could put together.

Horse people who have a true and real dedication for the Arabian horse who have contributed making the Frank Spönle show training center so famous world wide.

The Frank Spönle show training is one of the most successful training centers in Europe and the future holds many more exciting adventures for Frank and his team.

Quotes from friends and clients:

I started with Frank from the very beginning of my true involvement with the Arabian horses. Why him? I heard from several people that he was the best one in Europe and that he was extremely clever with the horses and the business. I wanted to start with the top, and that's why I chose him. It's been a great relationship from the first moment on. And as time went by, our business relationship grew more and more, and I can say now it has turned into a true and genuine friendship. I wouldn't trust any other handler with my horses. He showed all my horses several times, but I think he gives his very best with my stallion, Escape Ibn Navarrone-D. They are truly the perfect match. And I am happy to say it is not all about the shows and the success. Many times he has my complete trust also regarding breeding decisions and the management of my horses. We shared so much success together and so many victories, I am happy to entrust him with my very best. Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Ajman Stud

In the past few years Peri and I have been fortunate and are grateful for the fantastic opportunities we have had in our industry. A big part of this success is due to our friendship and strong business relationship with Frank and the entire Spönle Show Training team. We trust them with the most important details of our business and we have great hopes and plans for the future both in Europe and America, and where both training centers are concerned as well as our breeding programs. Stay tuned! Mike Wilson & Peri Tilghman, Wilson Training Center

I think that we were among Frank's first clients, when he just opened his own training center. He first came to us sometime during 1995 to see our horses, and especially Tiffaha, whom he showed later that same year in Paris when she became World Champion Mare. Since that time we have been working together, and Frank has shown our horses in Israel and Europe. He has a special touch with the horses, he stands in front of them and within two minutes, the are doing exactly what he asks them to do. It has always fascinated me to watch him work the horses. For me, Frank's most important features are his integrity and honesty. He will not tell you what you want to hear. He will tell you exactly what he thinks, straight to your face, without making it prettier or cutting the edges. True, it took me some time to get used to this, but I think it's the best way and the only way to work in this business. Chen Kedar, Ariela Arabians

I first saw Frank show in 1996, at the World Championships in Paris. He was showing a Thee Desperado son, Bj Thee Mustafa. The horse could be very difficult to show, and I was amazed with Frank's presentation. He won the title and it was then that I began asking Frank to consider showing for us in the US. It was not until years later that Frank would show for Arabians Ltd. at the Egyptian Event. He had helped us find and import the stallion Mishaal HP, and agreed if he was to be shown he would lead him. With Frank at the lead, Mishaal was named Reserve Senior Champion at the Egyptian Event. Frank always unselfishly looks out for his clients. He has an amazing eye for quality in a horse and he works hard. He loves to win, not just to win, but for the joy it brings the owner who has entrusted him to show their very best. We have all grown quiet fond of Frank, Elisa and daughter Virginia, and are proud to work with such a talented, great guy. Shawn Crews, Arabians Ltd.

For our farm and horses, Frank Spönle is like Sebastian Vettel in Formula 1, he gets the best out of our horses. James Swanepoel, Swatam Arabians

Frank Spönle has three very key elements for his profession.

  1. He knows what a horse must have to win.
  2. He works tirelessly to prepare it to win.
  3. He wins.


Greg Gallun, Gallun Farms