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Saint Tropez Breeders' Championship

  • Gold Champion Junior Colt KALYF OS bred & owned by The Stoeckle Family
    Gold Champion Senior Mare ALIYANA PSY bred & owned by Mr. Rongits - Austria
    Silver Champion Senior Mare AL INAYA bred & owned by Al Hambra Arabians - Austria
    Bronze Champion Senior Mare AL DAFINA bred & owned by Al Hambra Arabians - Austria
    Gold Champion Senior Stallion AJMAN MONISCIONE bred & owned by The Buzzi Family - Italy

2012 Tulip Cup - 4 Champions!

  • Gold Champion Junior Filly MY FAIR ROSE-D Marajj x WH Marissa Rose bred by Dion Arabians - owned by Mr. Van Oostenryck
    Gold Champion Junior Colt CALYPSO OS Ajman Moniscione x AB Nastrapsy bred by Osterhof Stud - owned by Sabankaya Select
    Gold Champion Senior Mare Best in Show & Most Classic Head EMIRA Laheeb x Embra bred & owned by Michalow State Stud - on lease to Ajamn Stud
    Bronze Champion Senior Mare ESA NADEERAH NILE Ansata Nile Nadir x Imperial Baarikah bred by Imperial Egyptian Stud - owned by Hanaya Stud
    Gold Champion Senior Stallion & Highest Scoring Horse of the Show NADER AL SHAQAB WN Star of Antigua x Aliaa Al Shaqab bred & owned by Al Shaqab Stud

2012 West Coast Cup - Koksijde

  • Unanimous Gold Champion Filly Highest Scoring Horse of the Show & Best in Show My Fair Rose-D bred & owned by Dion Arabians
    Gold Champion Stallion Al Aneed LDA owned by Hanaya Stud Silver Champion Filly Ava bred & owned by Pat Hannay
    Silver Champion Mare Esa Nadeerah Nile owned by Hanaya Stud
    Bronze Champion Colt Kalyf OS owned by Gestuet Osterhof

    Congratulations to all our clients, owners and breeders, who entrusted us with their most beautiful horses. It was a great start of the European show season!

DIAHC - 2012

  • AJ SAWAHI UNANIMOUS GOLD CHAMPION FILLY proudly bred & owned by Ajman Stud
    CALYPSO OS SILVER CHAMPION STALLION owned by Mr. Mustafa Sabankaya - bred by Osterhof Stud

2012 Sharjah Int. Show

  • Gold Champion Filly AJ ASYAD Marwan Al Shaqab x Aja Angelica bred & owned by Ajman Stud
    Bronze Champion Stallion MEMPHIS 27 El Amin x SA Misha Apal owned by Ajman Stud
    Classwinner Yearling Fillies - Sect. B NASTYA OS Marajj x AB Nastrapsy owned by Ajman Stud
    Classwinner 3 Year Old Fillies - Sect. B LUTFINA AA Nader Al Jamal x Latifah AA on lease to Ajman Stud
    Classwinner 4-6 Year Old Mares - Sect. B AJA ANGELICA Wh Justice x FS Anastasia owned by Ajman Stud